Saturday, 22 March 2014

Did an Udder....

... one of that the bridge set!!!

After completing the challenge of the Diamond.... somebody (can't have been me surely??) decided it would be a great idea to 'do' the other 3 in the set of 4!!

Heart's dunned!!

Next up will be the Spade, and I'm about to do the Club!!!

All that in a really busy week!!!!  Can't be bad can it??  Just had a thought.... that makes 11 out of the 25 done!! At this rate I'll be doing this 'ere challenge' twice in a twelvemonth!!  (Thinks.... after what I was up to yesterday, it'll slow down CONSIDERABLY!!) Nope... not tellin' you!!  You's'll have to wait till next weekend to find out!! VBG.... well there may be a liccle hint during the week... but that's only if I remember!!

It's Harrogate Lace Fair next week and I'm Going!!  With my Lace-Mad, crazy, elephant mad, Dutch Friend and her hubby  (ooh, it's his birthday today... a Big Birthday at that!!)  Happy Birthday my Bobbin Turning Friend!!  Really looking forward to the Fair!!  Gotta book and a shuttle already ordered! AND I'm going to buy some thread and maybe beads, and a bit of thread, and maybe another shuttle and.... did I say I wanted some thread?? LOL

Anyway, we're off to see my MIL shortly... she's 92 and still rattling around in her own home and doing almost everything for herself!! Tells the window cleaner off, has the hairdresser come to the house and gets decorators in, but the garden is all her and that dreaded 4 letter work (whispers... housework!!)  NOOO.... Don't say it out loud!! It comes and bites you in the bu.... Ouch!!!

May just be back on here tomorrow.... Himself is down in Telford for the day at a meeting!!  Leaving here at 7am and probably back around 8pm!!  A WHOLE day to Meeee!!! Yess!!! (thumps air with excitement and BC3 is getting her glad rags out!!!)

Chat then!!


  1. Thanks God's Kid. When I find my computerised version of the pattern I'll put up where the original came from!