Monday, 24 March 2014

Told You....

They were Finished!!

Here's the last of the 4:

After I'd finished it I spotted this weeks deliberate error.... too many of those 'p's in the bit that joins to the middle on the sides!!!  Think I was in 'I can finish this' mode!!

Still, here's the four of them together:

Look reasonable don't they??  I'm going to stitch them either to a bag I've got... or a Jacket.... can't decide which at the moment!!  Mind you.... I might just have to redo number 4... it's bugging me now!! May just have a little break with something colourful first though!!

So.... what's next??

Chat later


  1. Gosh it must be nearly forty years since I last made that set. Brings back memories. Not an easy tat from what I remember and particularly as I didn't know about split rings etc and followed Norma's pattern religiously. My friend across the road still has the set I made for her for her wedding with these.

    1. I did too... (follow the pattern), cept I redid the diamond using split rings and then made the mistake of too many picots on the club!! It is annoying me so I may just have to redo it!!!