Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Sunshine, Spring and...

... hats!!

Our wonderful daughter, you know.... the mum of that gorgeous little granddaughter of ours... decided that Madame's hats no longer fitted her!!  'Well, babies do grow you know!' I said!  Anyway, she then decided that the delicious little Madam 'Needed' a new hat!!  Not sure if the word needed was necessary... but she never has quite forgiven me for those red boots....  (mentioned a couple of posts ago....)

What sort of hat? did I hear you ask??

This sort!!

Nothing less than a cupcake for a cupcake!!  Well, we have to keep these 'ears' warm.... VBG

Even though 'Sir' calls her 'FruityLoops'!!  I think Cupcake suits those eyes....  What say you??

So I'd been busy with that... knit the hat, you can half turn the brim if you wish... I know the pattern was on the net somewhere but I can't remember where.... crochet a cherry for the top, put some 'sprinkles' on it.... Good enough to eat!! LOL

I also managed to finish the edging completely - as in stitching it to another hanky!!  So that's number 8 of my 25 biting the dust!!  Can't use it yet tho... gotta put it on 'display' at our Lace Group meeting on Saturday, along with the other one I showed you a few days ago!!  Here's the 'finished' article!!

Now, I've still got a 'few' UFT's to finish.... and it's SUNSHINEY outside!! maybe I should retire out there with me coffee, shuttles, thread and lunch....


Chat later!!


  1. Love the baby photos - she's just tooooo cute for words. Not QUITE as cute as my four grandkids were at that age but ALMOST!!!!!!! I'm biased. What colour thread did you use for the hanky? Sooooo pretty.

  2. Hi Jane. I used a Valdani 35... something like old rose & victorian rose... got it in a 'bin' at Roseground at a fair... both variegated!!

  3. Such an adorable little one!!!! :)
    Love the hanky edging!!! :)

  4. Thanks Gods Kid!! I think Madame is adorable too.... but I may be just a 'little' biased!! LOL