Tuesday, 18 March 2014

How to 'alter' without changing....

or something like that!!!

A couple of weeks ago I 'accepted' a challenge... to tat a motif out of Norma Benporath's 'The Home Beautiful Tatting Book'.  On page 13 of said book was a set of motifs for a Bridge Set....

Now the heart, spade and club are all worked in one go... not so the diamond!!  2 rounds later I had this: (complete with it's 'missing bits' because this particular OG can't count!!) VBG

I don't know about you but I HATE finishing ends off!!  and I had 2 in the middle to finish off.... right in the middle!!! YUK!!

So, this particular OG's BC3 came off her sunlounger (it is raining outside as we speak, and it's only March!... so quite why she was sunning herself I just don't know!), she could have gone off with Madame in this hat for all I know....

Anyway, she re-appeared from wherever she had disappeared to... and managed to design it in just one pass!!

Here's the result:

Promise to share the pattern.... once I've written out the alterations that is.... if I ever get a-round-to-it!!!  Round Toits are in short supply you know!!  In fact they're positively Rare!!! LOL  Anyhow.... that's number 9 of that there 25 dunned and dusted!! (Dust - yet another 4 letter word... just like Work.... VBG)  Reminds me of the saying - you may admire the dust, but please don't write in it!!! ROTFL

Anyway, off to complete a heart from the same set now!!

Chat later


  1. perfect, I often look for ways to adjust patterns so I have the minimum amount of ends left.