Friday, 6 March 2015

A Resin Megan!!

So, Wednesday was my Crazy Dutch Friends Un-Birthday!! (Yes, the Friend of Arachne not-a-spinning-web-spider Fame!!) Why an un-birthday?  Simples!!  With this formula one can 'never' reach the dreaded big 4 0!!!  You get to 39, then 39+1,  then you have 9 'un-birthdays, and then the next one is 41.... 9 un-birthdays and then 42!!  So, last year that's how old I was... 42!!! Incidentally, even though said friend is 3 1/2 years older than me... she's 42 too!!!!  Although.... mine wasn't an 'un-birthday' I might add....Rofl

Anyway, as I was saying.... 'if you listen you will hear from the corner of your ear how the...'  Rofl... That came from a song Mum had when I was a kid... can't remember which Danny Kaye one it was tho!!

Right, back to Resin Megan!!  As it was an 'un-birthday' on Wednesday I had to take a present... which I did last night, as we got together to make lace!! A few weeks ago 'blog-hopping' from a certain OG's blog... I came across this:

Where from??  Here!!  Laura was really helpful and sent me a message saying how much the postage was to the UK.... and just over a week later Megan was sitting on the doormat saying hello to my cats!!

Why Megan??  Well, I knew someone would ask!!  Friend's dog is a loopy labrador called Megan!!!  Well, I've got cats on my lace pillow so it's only right that said friend should have a dog isn't it??  An Aussie Megan to boot!!!

So... Now I've introduced you I'll go back to sleep or something!! Still haven't recovered from yesterday's post!!! Rofl

Chat soon


  1. All this Higher Maths is hard to grasp....but I THINK I must be 42 as well - or perhaps 43. For years and years I used to celebrate the 10th anniversary of my 29th birthday - then the 39th - until one of my more numerate children declared that I was becoming younger than he was!

    1. Maureen... you can always tell him that Of Course you're becoming younger than he is... after all ... you were a Child Bride!!! LOL And... EVERYONE KNOWS that men age faster than women!!!

    2. Also... if you haven't reached the Big One with a 7 in it... then you're still 42!!! VBG

  2. I think I will stick to the " 21 plus tax" mentioned on an email ring this morning...Although DS took great delight in reminding me that 21 is not possible as he will be "40 in 13 years time!" Thanks for the shout out hope your friend enjoyed Megan.