Thursday, 5 March 2015

Just Sharing....

Felt I should share something other than my tatty 'bits' with you, so here goes....

Round the corner is a snicket that runs up to the railway station.... One dog owner is allowing the dog to foul an area that's been planted up with snowdrops, daffodils, muscari, miniature irises, crocuses etc, and what's more they don't bother to pick up after the dog!!.... so last weekend one of the residents with his wife replanted over 150 bulbs that had been 'scratted' out and we put up a 'fence', only a temporary one until we can get grass to grow on it!!

Beyond the area that had been replanted I discovered these just 'left to die'.... not any more they're not!! We replanted them too!!

Good deed for last week!!! Rofl  (Oops.... my feet too!!)

Also, Li'l Miss is now walking properly so I'm sharing this pic of her 'out for a walk with Daddy'!!

Isn't that coat gorgeous on her??

What else.... oh yes....

Now DON"T LOOK if you're an Arachnophobic!!!! (Oops.... too late....) VBG

This beauty is known as Arachne and was made by my Crazy Dutch Friend!!  Isn't she something??  She's sitting on the paperwork for the bobbin lace I was working on last week... I hope when I return she hasn't spun a web over it!! VBG

Then there's Young Sir the day before his birthday, in a pub in Derbyshire.... He hates having his pic taken!! Can you tell??

Oh, my cats.... these two tell me they don't get on!!

Would you believe them??  They've decided our NEW duvet is for them!!!  The one on the left is Neo and he's the one with just 3 legs.... Luna is on the right, she's the 'permanent lodger'!!

What else....

Honiton Lace as worked by another lady in the village.... Isn't it just beautiful?  Must try the tatted one in that there German book I've got....

And last but certainly not least.... another friend of mine has a dog called Wilf.... I was in our local Hobbycraft store a couple of weeks ago and found this on the wall:

Well, I had to take a pic didn't I??  Shared it with Wilf and his owner, but he insists he's Far More Handsome!!! Rofl

Ok... Missive ended!!  You can stop yawning now!!!!

Chat soon


  1. Enjoyed the journey with gorgeous pics all through :-))

  2. Wot's a snicket??

    And all the photos are so interesting, there's a kind of unofficial communal vegetable garden where we live in which people have planted fruit trees and cabbages, amongst other things - they never seem to grow, but the bit of unused ground is a focal point for everyone all the same!

    1. A snicket is a public footpath which runs between building or other things, it's usually either fenced or has walls or hedges on the sides. Usually they're about 2 metres wide, as opposed to a bridlepath or 'tenfoot' which is around 3.5 metres wide!! Hehe... quick 'local' lesson for you!! VBG

      Good to know that other places have 'communal' areas as well!!

    2. Oh.... bridlepaths or bridleways usually have 'vehicular' access in the form of cycle or motorbike or horses rather than just 'pedestrians'!! See!! Full of useless knowledge aren't I??

  3. I love that spider and at least he wouldn't spin messy webs like the spiders in my house.

    1. I hope she doesn't Jane!! Last seen she was next to my lace pillow!! Must admit the spiders in our house do too!!