Friday, 13 March 2015


Well, I would say Red Nose Day (which is quite true.... because it's the day that all the kids come to school dressed up in red, painted faces etc, in aid of Comic Relief), but... it's doesn't fit with what I've got to show you!!

What is it???

Pink Rose Day!!!! VBG

Now I've got you intrigued haven't I??  Well, you see, last night I finished another Starry Button Bracelet!  This one is for ME!!  I have very tiny hands and wrists.... (something which my 6 ft son seems to have inherited.... he says he has 'girly' hands!!) and doing the bracelet in size 20 thread with a small fastener means that I can fasten it and then slide it on and off my hand!!!  Yes, while it's still fastened!!  Well, I don't want to lose them, and the set that reminded Sir of Gaudi the Architect of Barcelona fame was sold last night!!!  It's now awaiting a looong travel up to Edinburgh!!  It was too big for me anyway, as I'd found I could slide it on and off my wrist as mentioned above!!

So.... I decided to make me a set in different colours (although I may just do the same colours as the aforementioned set for me as well), this time it's Falling Leaves, 3 different shades of gold bead and a Rose Gold for the beads over the buttons!!  Using size 40 thread it doesn't fall off!!!

So.... here you go:

I am now making earwigs to match, and as I will still have a 'spare' button, I may make a pendant from the earwig pattern but make it with 20 thread!!

I do have other things to show you as well, but I decided to share the bracelet first!!

First off, Li'l Miss out shopping with Mummy.... helping to put stuff in the trolly is sooo tiring... this happened:

Secondly, I finished the Lilac earwigs last week... they're here:

Returning from school this morning, I discovered a new driver for Young Sir's bike:

He was asleep until I tried to take the pic, then he decided breakfast was FAR MORE important!!! LOL

Anyway, that's all for today so you can wake up now!!

Chat soon


  1. I think I would have fallen asleep too, if I had to wait in a queue as long as that one! Your bracelet is full of bling, it will look most elegant on your wrist.

  2. I like the bling of these bracelets too Maureen!! And the earwigs and a pendant when they're done!!

    Evidently Li'l Miss fell asleep when they joined the queue and stayed asleep till they got to the car and Mummy had put the shopping away!! then she woke up!!

  3. Red nose day? Is that today? I thought it was 'just' Friday 13th!!!

    1. Nope.... it's definitely Red Nose Day too!!!

  4. Beautiful bracelet and earrings!!! :)
    What an adorable sleepy head!! :)

  5. It is a lovely bracelet. I bet you will make another one and another one...............

    1. LOL You're probably right there Sally!! I do have the earrings and pendant to 'go with' it now!!