Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Eclipse Hanky

Yes m'dears I've done another hanky edging!!!  Yet another LTP finished!!! YEAY!! Now to decide what to do with the bit of thread left on the shuttle....

Why eclipse??? Because I finished it last Friday.... the day of the Solar Eclipse here in the UK!!  Watched the eclipse 'live' because the cloud cover made a natural filter!!  Sir got some pics of it which he shared on that online social face!!!

The hanky is done in Lizbeth 40, pale lilac and whichever one it is that's darker than falling leaves... can't remember the name off the top of me 'ead!!  It was finished a few days ago but not stitched onto the fabric!!

Here you go:

Oh, the pattern is another of Jane E's.... Oh So Simple.... and it is!!! LOL

Coffee shouting.... chat later!


  1. Perfect match for the hanky!

    1. Funny how sometimes the colours just 'match' on variegated threads isn't it Maureen?? I like it too!! Not used it.... yet!!! LOL

  2. Very pretty. Love the colours too.

  3. Thanks All! The thread will be motifs either for me bag or earwigs!!