Monday, 8 June 2015

Wow!! And What A Week!!!

First of all folks, I've just noticed.... my last post was number 200!!!  200 posts in just a couple of years or so!!!  Phew!! Worked me fingers off to the bone I have!!! LOL

I've had a horrendous week computer wise.... the darn thing would open up a page and promptly freeze.  Log off, log on again and delete open page, open a different file/folder/website or whatever (usually when I'm looking for something stored on the laptop) and.... freeze!!  Move the mouse, click elsewhere.... nothing!!

Got Sir to look, he couldn't fathom it.... he has an account on the laptop, went into his.... everything fine!!  Delete my account, reinstall... same problem!!  Delete, install, check, scream, delete, install, check.... get the picture??

Anyway, late on Saturday night, when we had decided to try installing for the umpteenth time... I was opening programmes and checking.... opened google drive.... Hey Presto.... Freeze!!  Sir went into his account, deleted Google Drive and now my lappy is happy!!!  We were even wondering at one point if the lappy was a scrapper or if it was worth getting a new hard drive for it!

So don't mention Google Drive!!!

Anyway, I thought I'd show you Round 4 of That There Doiley... and this pic of Li'l Miss, they are on holiday back in Spain!!:

She insisted on taking Dolly with her!!

The doiley hasn't really moved from this pic.... I actually have 2 'repeats' of the next round in place!! Only another 10 to go! VBG

I would imagine I'll get there.... eventually!!  However this week is one of the busy ones!! Roll on Summer Holidays!! LOL

Chat soon


  1. 2 beautiful pictures today!! :)

  2. Congratulations on writing 200 posts! Did you know that you can have your blog all nicely bound into a hardback book? - One of my daughters - who is inclined to verbosity - has done that, and it's rather nice to have all the pictures and milestones of the children as a record. That photo of your gorgeous Li'l Miss should be preserved, it's beautiful. Matches the doily.

    1. I have a friend who's mad on scrap booking and she wants to do that with them too Maureen!!

  3. Congratulations :-D Your posts have brought many a smile & VBGs every time I step in to read ;-D

    And your granddaughter is Precious ! She's a doll herself :-)

    Glad your computer woes are behind you. Google can Drive you crazy at times ;-P