Wednesday, 17 June 2015

That's meetings!!

Over for a few weeks!! Last week as well as on duty at school start n leave times and feeding 5 kitties in two different houses I also had meetings on Monday, training on Tuesday, 2 meetings on Wednesday, class on Thursday and all day on Saturday!!! Meeting last night completed the current round for a few weeks!!  Don't think I have another week like that till maybe September!!  So... I might just have a little tatty time!!

We are off into town today because Young Sir needs boots, cagoule, waterproof trousers, walking trousers etc... he's climbing Ingleborough on Saturday, in preparation for a sponsored 3 peaks challenge at the beginning of September!  His work has organised it, people from each of the sites!!  This will challenge his fitness!!

Thought you might like to see what I've done so far on the doiley... 

 A whole motif!! The first of 12!! Think its going to take a while to finish this round!!

Li'l Miss is back now but I just have to share this pic of the littlest paddle boarder ever...

And yes... She can swim!! Somewhere we have underwater pics of her swimming!!

Chat soon!!