Friday, 26 June 2015

Half Way!!

Half way round that there series of 12!!!

Yes you do know what I'm on about... it's that there Monster Doily!!!  After the shenanigans of the other day when I'd managed to join into the wrong picot (and how!!), I managed to get a Whole Half Way!!! so now I shall be able to see it decreasing!!

Ok.... I'll show you!!

Must get the ends of the last two finished.... VBG  I hates ends!!

Now, as some of you already know.... the weather in the UK summer has been the SAME as the Oz winter!!!  Maybe even colder!!!  However, Mummy discovered this on the Met Office website....

Hotter weather for next week.... let's hope it continues over St Swithins!!!

Chat later!!


  1. I hope the hot weather can hold off another week while I finish de-cluttering our loft!!! The colours you're using are FABULOUS. Now I'm regretting using pale colours!

  2. Cheerful doily, ye of good cheer ! :-D

  3. this is looking good and I think I should have used brighter colors on mine I have put mine on hold but will return in a month or two just got really tired of on color!