Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Finished... ( I think.... )

Hi Folks

Well, after I'd done Jane's pram I had thread left on the shuttle....  Sue being Sue hates to throw thread away (years ago when I did Japanese Silk Flower Making I used to save the tiny bits and make really mini flowers from them!!!  Shame I haven't any photos.... LOL)  So, I started an edge for a hanky that was my Mums and brand new!!  Got round a corner and.... ran out of thread!!!

The pattern itself comes directly from Jane's Pram, ring of 3-3-3-3 and chain of 3-3  the corners are ch 6-6 ring of 3+3+3-3 and ch of 6-6.

Anyway I tried the websites I knew on the 'net, and couldn't find instructions to follow (I'm hopeless at destructions.... VBG) so I asked, and Jeanette explained how she used to tell her students how to join new threads! Jeanette hoped I could understand what she was saying (I did!! Thanks Jeanette!!)  She hopes to be able to 'copy' the pattern as soon as she can see when she gets her new specs in the summer!

It's just dawned on me that they are 2 different colours.... the top photo is taken in a 'north' light at the back of the room in the north facing window, and the bottom one is taken on the front window in sunlight!!

So, folks this pattern is called Jane's Inspiration and Jeanette's Optimism!!!

I was going to tat some pink and white rings on the chain picots in a different colour, but I like it as it is now its finished!  So, the thread that's wound for those will make something different... now to work out what....  Methinks I shall have to raid the stash of brand new hankies from Mum that I kept after she passed away, and there's a gorgeous pink one up there.... now to try working a new pattern out.... ROTFL... Think I'm hooked!!??!!

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