Thursday, 21 February 2013

Ok, so I'm BACK!!!!

At school, freezing outside!!  You can tell.... we've got bookends on the windowsill!! ROTFL

As for me tatting, well there's two bits on at the moment... one's a tatty animal and I'll put pics up when its finished.... as for the other, well I decided to 'use up the shuttle' on a hanky edging and promptly ran out of thread!!  I got detailed destructions on what to do and how to join new threads in from Jeannette Hasseman... and as it's a sort of self design, I'm calling it....

Jeannette's Optimism!!! VBG  She was flattered when I told her and hopes to be able to see well enough to copy it sometime relatively soon!

We'll see if she thinks the same thing when its finished.... LOL  Lace class tonight and as its going to be full, tatty is going with me again!! VBG

Chat soon! Promise!!


  1. Simply lovely, Sue; your stitches are great. Impossible to tell where you addes your new thread(s)! I'm still flattered!