Friday, 8 February 2013

Can I??

Do some more tatty telling or do some more tatting??  Can't do both cos I hasn't got 2 pairs of hands!  I'se cooked and we'se eaten tea and I've got coffee sitting waiting to be drunk... Methinks its back to me shuttles Folks!  I've got earrings to make and tatits to tat and rings and chains and destructions (well they are when I read them!!)

I was doing fine on the earrings, till I realised that I'd not read the destructions properly.... cut off beads and start again!  and again!! Then I thinked to meself.... why not make some owl ones.... did that and did not have a matching pair!!!! (Oops.... wonder if anyone would notice if I put wires on them and wore them.... and I missed out a whole row of destructions!!)  Then I runned out of thread on me shuttle and ended up making that there collar...  The 'mat' was going to be a pair of earrings.... runned out of thread on that as well!!

Which is why, dear reader, that I'm making the wotsit thingy!  Which was equally as silly.... did it, undid it, did it, fastened the wrong thread to the picot... undid it, did it, fastened the thread, right one, to the wrong picot!!  Anyway, gettin' there now!

Do you shuttle or needle tat?  I shuttle tat becoz I'se dangerous with a needle... I'd get the funny red stuff all over me cotton!!  And then I'd have sore fingers.... VBG.

Anyway, 'nuff said for now.... off to do some more!

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