Friday, 8 February 2013

My First Post

Well Folks, I've recently gone back to tatting.... haven't done any for YEARS!!  Now some of the stuff I've made in the last week or so is interesting.  Wanna look?

Yup... Earrings!!  I thought they were cute!!  And I've got at least one more pair to do for a friend! LOL

Then, you know how things go wrong.... well one of these was that....

See the 'collar'?  I ran out of thread!  but then thought, It would make a brilliant 12th scale collar.... it's now winging its way to Oz!  The other 'mat' is also going there.... it was intended to be another earring! LOL

Then I found Jane's site.... and she's running this pattern thingy... had to have a go!!  Here's how far I've got....

Not sure what it is.... yet!  That's why it's a Tat it and See!!!! LOL   The shuttle with the stocking on was from Roseground in Nottingham, as were the 'set of hooks'  Not sure if I was talking to Pam or Pat, but isn't the shuttle superb??

Can't think of what else to put just atm.... busy thinking that I'm on here rather than doing tea or tatting!! ROTFL

Chat soon!!


  1. Welcome back to tatting - long may your shuttles fly!!!

  2. Noooo.... Me shuttles ain't allowed to fly... they ain't got wings!! And they'd disappear never to be seen again!!! ROTFL