Wednesday, 1 April 2015

It's.... AND Yet More!!!

It's.... Well, I would say it's International Tatting Day!!!  However, it's also Mummy & Daddy's birthday today!!!  Yes, they share a birthday... at least they can't ever forget each others birthdays!!! LOL.  Li'l Miss will think it's funny when she gets older!!  So, Happy Birthday to my Daughter and Son in Law, and Happy International Tatting Day to the rest of you!!!

Now what else.... What?? More what??  Is that what you're asking???

Earwigs!!!!  I shouldn't get hold of buttons really.... LOL  I seem to be addicted to trying different threads and different beads on buttons at the moment!!  Don't seem to be able to get too many of them!!  Apart from that, my friend down the street isn't able to get to the carboot at the moment because their car let them down the last time, and they're temporarily car-less!!  What has that to do with my earwigs??  Simples.... I get the buttons from her!!  She finds clothing etc at silly prices, cuts them up either for patchwork or somesuch and sells the buttons!!!!

But before I go into earwiggies.... spent Monday afternoon playing with Li'l Miss!!  She's decided she's far too busy playing to eat!!  Mummy is getting concerned that someone is surviving on 2 small rice crackers and a pear....  Mind you, she did eat her tea when Daddy got home, and today she at lots at the restaurant!!

Here she is making 'scones' with Mummy last week:

Should be entitled.... Flour, flour, everywhere!! VBG

Anyways, here is the latest 'addition' to the collection.

Done in Wildflower Garden with bronze and different shades of gold 'oily' beads, gold 'see thru' and cream beads!!!  Makes them different again!!

Now where did I put the buttons and the thread and the beads.... I feel a bracelet to match coming on!!

So.... Happy International Tats to All and Chat soon!!


  1. Wishing you a very happy tatting day & year ahead, too :-D
    I always come to your blog all dressed up ... in a big smile :-)))

    Love those tiny hands & big naughty grin on those pink cheeks & twinkly eyes ;-P

    1. Oh I do love it when people come dressed in their very best smile Muskaan!!! Makes my day it does!!! LOL

  2. That little one is adorable!!!! : )
    Sweet earwigs!!! :)