Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Pre - dyed Wool!!

Ok... over easter, we met up with some friends over in Glossop in Derbyshire.  A short walk up near Kinder Scout later and I spotted some pre-dyed black and white wool!!  Want to see it???

Tough!! I'll show it to you in a short while!! Rofl

Tatting wise I've been doing a pattern by Corina Meyfeldt.... Wave Earrings!!  Yes, more earwigs!!! LOL

Here is one and a half done....

Li'l Miss helped Mummy make Easter buns.... and she wasn't happy because Mummy insisted on taking a picture BEFORE she was allowed to eat one....

If you look carefully, she did get the spoon though... VBG

Right, so, this 'ere pre-dyed wool...

See him??  Black and White Wool!!  We thought at first that it was a collie!!  Mum has a black face and black spots....

Anyway, chat soon!


  1. Oh! I'm addicted to Corina Meyfeldt's Wave earrings. I made a pink pair with white beads, also - and more. Yours are very splendid. What size thread are you using? The pre-dyed wool is so attractive in the field. Can't blame Lil' Mis for being unhappy. Easter Buns ARE made to EAT - not take pictures of!

    1. Think I'm addicted too Karen.... but it may just be earwigs I'm addicted to.... LOL

      Li'l Miss did get the buns straight after the pic!!

  2. I am assailed with visions of you persuading the undyed wool to jump onto your knitting needles........cows jumping over moons come to mind, and flying pink pigs.

    1. Don't think his Mummy would let me any nearer than I got Maureen!! Nice thought to get fresh lamb wool (and maybe some lamb to go with??) As for those pigs... well.... I don't think that I can knit or tat with pig hair.... Rofl

  3. Beautiful earrings!!! :)
    Awwww...the loving "mean" things we do to our kids just to get a picture.