Thursday, 9 April 2015


No not work.... Another bracelet set!!  Here you go:

This one is done in Wildflower Garden and is completely different to the other one I did even though the pattern and number of beads are the same!!  It's amazing what a difference the choice of colours can make isn't it??  Muted colours give it that 'chintzy' spring floral look!!!  Not that I'm either chintzy or spring!!!  Dotage springs to mind!!! VBG  However I do have outfits that both of them will go nicely with!!

Easter holidays are nearly over for me.... (boo....) and it's back to school on Monday!!  Just my holiday to look forward to in mid May!!  Sunshine here we come!!!  Think I'll take both sets with me, as they take up virtually no room in the rucsac!!  Yes folks we travel light!!  A small rucsac each contains everything we need for a week in the sun!!  Pared it down over a number of years so that we don't have  to wait for suitcases etc.... off the plane, through passport control etc and off into the bus to take us to the apartment!!  I mean the service bus not a shuttle bus!!  Public transport leaving every 15 minutes or so and a 5 minute walk at the other end!  Perfect!!

Anyway, off to check me washer... chat later!!


  1. Nice effect :-)
    Haven't started school yet, and already off to your next vacation LOL ;-D
    Well, have a great time & enjoy :-)

  2. I wish!!! Back there on Monday morning, and not away for another 5 weeks!! Then it's just the one week away! VBG

  3. Your beautiful set inspire me to use my multicolor thread. It look perfect for spring!

    1. Will look forward to seeing what you do with it!!