Wednesday, 29 April 2015


No pics to share today folks!!  No eye candy!!! Nothing but an apology!!!

I understand that I inadvertently 'let slip' something yesterday and my apologies go to Maureen in Oz!!!

Maureen, if you're reading this.... Sorry Miss for 'letting slip' the surprise!!  Mind you, as I haven't finished my 'project' yet.... then you haven't seen it really!!!! VBG  Do let me know when yours arrives... so we can 'swap' notes!!! LOL  (And I can show you my version of the 'finished' thing!!!!)

Keeps raining here.... Young Sir is on nights at the moment, 7 - 7... and he came home this morning in torrential rain!!!  I've managed to dry his Bike jacket (did I ever mention he's a motorbiker??) and his leather gloves are almost dry.  Fortunately he has more than one pair of 'boots' that he can wear because even tho they're 'drying' I reckon it'll take a few days!!  The jeans are now waiting washing....

I got wet this morning at school as well!!!  I don't mind it raining, but please can the weathermen take note.... rain between midnight and 6am only please!!!! Rofl

Anyway, my coat is now dry too!!  Hung both coats on the line while the sun was out during the morning, the shoes were out there too.... but they aren't anywhere near!! Now it's 'spitting' at us again!!

Right.  Apologies done. Weather report done.... back to tatting methinks!!

Chat later


  1. You're forgiven! - probably be a while longer yet, before my copy arrives, mail from UK has slowed down to turtle speed! Something to look forward to......

    1. Thank you miss... Still not sharing the 'finished article' till you get it!! Vbg