Tuesday, 28 April 2015

New To Me!!


Miss me???  Yes I know I've been very quiet over the last week!!  No I haven't been 'on holiday'... that's in a few weeks!! (Sunshine and warmth here we come!!!)  No I haven't been ill, and no the computer hasn't been on strike!!! VBG

Well, first off, I think I've learned a new technique.... Daisy Picots!!

What?? You want to see them??  Ooh you are a nosey bunch!!!

There you are!!  The middle one was the first, and it took around 2 hours!!!  The second one is on the left, that took about 25 minutes.... and the one on the right was last... a whole 10 minutes!!!  Think I've learned that technique!!

Why am I making them??  Well, the Ring Of Tatters website is almost up to date!!  I'm punch drunk on computer coding and checking, and I've got to the point where I wouldn't see mastikes if they came up and bit me on the b....!!! VBG  (Yes, ok.... and no I'm NOT correcting the deliberate one in the last statement!!)Rofl

Anyway, as some of you will know, they're celebrating their 35th year of existence this year!!  Yes folks, the Ring has been around for 35 years!!  So.... in with the Spring Newsletter we were sent a 'birthday gift'.... a Bracelet Kit!!  Complete with 2 different patterns, the thread and the finding!!  Not being one for a challenge.... (much), I decided that the 'simple' one was one that could be done whilst on holiday, in different colours maybe, and with beads added maybe.... so I opted for the 'more advanced' one with split rings and what??? Daisy Picots??? Never heard of them!!!  So I had to learn!!!  The above pic is the result!!!  Now to get on with the bracelet!!! 

Right, I got me some new 'specs' as well.... special for tatting they are.... want to see??

New 'specs'!!!  Pince Nez!!! Rofl....  Look, I'll show you:

Pull and...

Angle!!!  Great aren't they??  they're now living in my Tatty Bag!!

What else has been going on.... well.... Li'l Miss has been on a holiday to Barcelona with Mummy and Daddy!!

She loves the sea and the sand....

Yes there is sand on her face!!  Sand sticks to suncream!!!  She'd been 'copying' Mummy doing Yoga and... face full of sand!!  Looks cute though... I think... however I could be 'just a little' biased!!! Rofl

What did I do while they were away?? Apart from all the aforementioned... I fed Kitties!!!

Chat soon


  1. Those little learning motifs look great!! :)
    Cool scissors!! :)
    And oh, such an adorable one(the best sand "model" I have ever seen)!!! :)

    1. She is isn't she?? I've got that pic on my phone now as well. As soon as you look at the screen!!

      Watch out for the 'finished article' maybe even tomorrow!!

  2. Yes it's been dreadfully quiet while you've been otherwise occupied!!!

    1. You trying to tell me I'm noisy Miss?? You're dead right!!! LOL

  3. Oooo, you spoiled the surprise!! - I'd been reading about an "extra"in the newsletter, and I've been dying for my copy to arrive.........so now I know. Tell Little Miss's Mum that baby powder removes sand from small people - works a treat.

    1. Oops.... Sorry Maureen!!! I thought that everyone would have received their copy by now!! My Bad!!! Still.... you haven't seen it all yet... or the other pattern!!

      Will pass the message onto Li'l Miss' Mummy for you!!! VBG