Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Ring has a New!!

Well, I know some of you know.... Over a year ago I was asked by the Ring of Tatters if I could help their Web Master with updating the site.  Of course, being me I said yes!!

That was January 2014.... and I've been (patiently) waiting....

Well folks, it would appear that I am now the NEW webmaster!!!  So, changes are afoot on their website:

Ring Of Tatters Website

Now for those of you who are expecting miracles.... that I could do at once.... however, as they say, the impossible takes slightly longer!! LOL

Keep an eye on their website, all will be updated fairly quickly in the Grand Scheme of Things!!!

You Have Been Warned!!!

Chat soon


  1. So are congratulations in order?! Websites are certainly a challenge - the best of luck!

    1. Not certain what it is Sally... But I does like a challenge I does!!!