Friday, 15 May 2015

A Bit O Bling!! (Or.... T'ats Another Story!!)

Right.... for those of you that ain't Yorkshire Folk... you may not know what 'bling' is.... Think jazzing something up with things that don't usually belong there.... Stitching one thing to another to 'prettify' it, and sometimes go 'over the top' when you get carried away!!  That's Bling!!

Well, you know that we all like to 'try patterns out', and end up with motifs that we really don't know what to do with??  Yes you do!!!  I am NOT on my own doing this!!VBG

Ok??  With me so far??  So.... when I got myself an iphone (cheap, and repaired it myself!!!), a couple of years ago, I decided it needed a case!!  Not one for 'spending loads' (it's called Yorkshire Thrift, not being tight!!!LOL) I found a phone case to fit a phone slightly smaller than my iphone.... in a 'bits' box!! Determined it would go in I made it fit!!  Well it's only the height that was a challenge!!

Plain blue on a black and white phone was just that.... plain!!!

Got the AHA moment yet??  Cause you have!!!  I took it into my head a while ago to 'bling' it... and Morgana Mouse lived on the front for a loooong time!!  However, into the battle flew Barney the Barn Owl... He was mouse hunting....  So she went and lived under the flap!!  He settled on top!!  I'll show you:

My 'birthday' badge from last year, my Ring of Tatters Badge and my Wolds Lacemakers Badge had to go on there too!!  Well, of cause they did... obvious place for them... on the cover of the things I photograph with!!!!

Happy with the front I also decided the back needed 'a little tatty'....  Out came the Windmill in Old Amsterdam for Morgana to hide in if needed,  VBG  And as that particular windmill is also found in East Yorkshire, then the East Yorkshire rose (my design!!) had to go on there as well!!!

Wha'd'ya think??  Blinged!!!

Must tell you though, it does tell a story:

One morning in dull, windy East Yorkshire, the Miller turned up at Skidby mill to grind some of his renowned flour...

In the middle of the mill he saw a mouse with clogs on!!  It was dancing!!  He spoke to the mouse and asked what it was doing there and if it had a name.

"Morgana from Old Amsterdam", came the reply!!  The miller was puzzled as to how the mouse had got there... she told him her story - evidently her old windmill in Amsterdam had been so full of mice that the authorities had knocked it down to make way for a super duper supermarket, making the mice homeless!!  Mice fled throughout the Netherlands, and Morgana didn't want to stay there, so she packed her bags and walked from Amsterdam to Rotterdam and found a boat making its way to England.  

Morgana found a way onto the boat and hid in the car deck where she wouldn't be seen during the voyage.  Well, mice don't have passports do they... and even if they did, they'd be written in 'foreign'!! When the boat docked and she left, she found some East yorkshire mice in the terminal building and asked if there were any windmills nearby.... thus, she found her way to Skidby Windmill!!

However the Miller felt he had to inform her of the mills other 'resident'... Barney the Barn Owl!!!  Morgana promised to hide wherever she could whenever Barney was around!!....

The rest is up to you....
This is a true story, and if you don't believe me ask either Max Bygraves or Ronnie Hilton.... if you can!!!

Chat soon


  1. I am Lost for Words - and now I will be worrying about poor Morgana, wondering how she's going to get round to the back of the phone case in time to seek refuge from the owl - fabulous!!

  2. Under the flap!! That's where she's heading now!! Vbg

  3. Has anybody told you - or has it been left to me to tell you that you're bonkers!!! Deliciously bonkers!!!

    1. Ermm.... it may just have been you... but I've heard it sooo many times....I agree!!! Totally Bonkers... T'ats Me!! VBG

  4. Got the picture!!! Incredible fitting so much on a phone case, but why not, something to show people and then perhaps get talking about tatting.

    1. Great init Sally??? Talking point totally, AND I'd spot it on a table too!!

  5. You can't, Absolutely Cannot leave a story midways !!!! You do your poor reader a great disservice by first engaging and then throwing her/him to the 'owl' , wise though he may be. I wonder how your students cope with you ;-P
    Your rose is superb :-) Lovely tatting & story

  6. I promise not to keep you in suspense too long facing the 'owl' Muskaan!!! All will be revealed in due course... Oh, and the 'students' are primary school kids with their mums crossing the road.... so, as long as they get to and from school safely.... Job's a Good Un!!!

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