Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Got it!!!

What??  Did I hear you ask what I'd got???  Oooh.... nosey lot aren't you.... LOL  Not telling you till later!!

First of all, I just had to share this:

Round one of that Jan Stawatz Monster Doily that everyone has been raving about on Facebook and the like for the last few weeks!!   That was the second attempt!!  I 'read' the destructions wrong because it's in polish!!!

Just finished Round 2.... well I would have except this happened:

Yup!!! Runned outta thread on me shuttle!!!  Going to wind some more shortly!!  The colours remind me of Wisteria though!!

Dunned dat round!!!

What else.... oh yes:

Young Sir's new Fish Tank!!  The 'white' stones at the bottom at the very front are 'glow in the dark' stones!!!  A couple of days after the 'incident' with the w a t e r Young Sir found this pic on the net...

Which is what'll happen to one of our cats if he tries jumping up AGAIN!! VBG

Right, so what was it I was going to show you... oh yes, this came from Roseground yesterday:

Isn't it just gorgeous??  Well, I've got one for her brother, and one for Li'l Miss!!

Chat soon