Thursday, 21 May 2015


Well I'm on holiday in Tenerife as you know... But I just had to share these!!

The first one is to give those of you in the uk some sun:

That was when we arrived... On the balcony!

Then there's these two of Li'l Miss because I can't resist sharing them!

Isn't she cute in that outfit??

Then this one:

Breakfast is sooo cool!!

Chat later!!


  1. Very swish in her sunglasses, isn't she! - Tenerife looks very much like our Gold Coast - except that it's grey and cold and raining now!

    1. It probably is Maureen. Very warm all year round as its located off the African coast!!

  2. She's adorable.

    It's not just those in the UK who need a bit of sunshine - I've enjoyed looking at the blue sky and sunshine, too. We've had quite a bit of cloudy weather where I am in the US lately - a few days of sunlight, then all is grey again.