Monday, 18 May 2015

It's Here!!!

Now that got you going didn't it???  Wanting to know What's here!!???  Well, I know I would want to know!!

My Holidays start Tomorrow!!!  Tenerife!!  Young Sir and his girlfriend are staying here for the week to look after the house and the kitties... Gives her chance to see her cat that lives with us!!!  Yes, that's the permanent lodger!!  Remember?? 1 3/4 cats and a permanent lodger!!!  Usually found pretending to be a cushion on my chair!

Also, I wented mad and ordered some threads from Tatting & Design this time... size 40 and I can't for the life of me remember why!!! Think my version of BC3 AND 4 have already packed their bags and headed off for warm climes!!  Anyway, I ordered a cute liccle hook with a wooden handle (as if I haven't got enough already.... LOL)  Put the split ring from a keyring through it and made a cord using a lucet for it!! VBG

Here you go:

The other one is a cord for me specs!!

Lucets are easy to do.... here's a link for a youtube vid on how to do it, and you can get them on the internet from Sixpenny bobbins and Needlepaws to name just two!!  It's a great way to utilise thread to make a cord to match a necklace, drawstring bag.... shoelaces, etc.... anything you can think of really!!!

Right, I'm off to pack!!  Incidentally, Barney has promised to behave himself whilst I'm away, so that Morgana will be safe till after I've returned!!

Chat soon

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