Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Don't Mention Water!!

Before I say more.... Roseground here in the UK will soon have tatting shuttles available commemorating the birth of Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana of Cambridge!!!

As some of you will know Monday here was May Day Bank Holiday!!  So a certain OG around here decided that it would be a good idea to maybe spend a little time in her favourite chair in the garden, in the bit of sun that we had, and out of the wind, tatting!!

Well, I'd already done these:

 Jane's Square Motif.... that I intend making in lots of different colours as a mat.  Great way to use up ends!!

And this:

 To 'bling' my phone case... I've already got Morgan Mouse on there, and I thought that an owl to 'hunt' would be good, also I've got a windmill to go on the back! (Owls to hunt the mice in Amsterdam if you remember the song!!!! VBG)

Did this happen??? NO!!!  Why not??

Just getting tatting shuttles etc ready to take out when I heard the gush of water running!!  Not a tap, and we have no water at all upstairs.... quick look at Young Sir's fish tank... a seal had gone at the Bottom Of The Tank!!!!  130 litres of water about to dump itself on the floor!!  Bath towels galore, water syphon, buckets of water later  we managed to get the tank emptied, and the fish put into a large bucket with the heater! (He has South African Cyclids)  Young Sir called work, explained what happened and persuaded his Dad and a mate to meet him at the only place open for business selling tanks on a bank holiday... a Garden Centre would you believe??

They arrived back here at 7pm (the time he was due to start work) with a new tank and base etc.... The setting up involved getting the old tank out (not a problem), the new tank and base in.... hmmm... when your door to the outside world opens inwards onto a wall you can have challenges!!  Will the base fit?? No!!  Find hammers, screwdrivers etc and remove the door!!!  In came the base, and the tank.  They got it levelled (no mean feat on an uneven floor!!)  Hose pipe and buckets of hot water later (yes the new tank is bigger - almost 200 litres!!)

So, I now have a new tank in the corner of the room, enough light to see to walk across the room without lights on in the dark!!  Till we switch them out when we go to bed of course!!  AND all the bath towels in the house now residing in the washing machine waiting to be washed and dried!!!  At least it saved most of it ending up on the laminate floor!!

Did I get any tatting done.... no!!  It was 10.30 when Young Sir got to work, he was supposed to be there at 6.30.... oops!!  Good job his boss was understanding!!  However.... Don't mention Water!!!

Right, on a lighter note, I've also got this to share with you.... you know how cats like boxes....

So do Li'l Misses!!!! Rofl

Chat soon (and don't mention water!!)


  1. " sab armaanoN purr paani phir gayaa " (too scared to utter the W word, hence an idiom in Hindi/Urdu . ;-P
    So sorry about your lovely tatting Day being ruined. But there does seem to be tremendous adventure in your life , not to mention the sudden excitement and attention in the life of the fish , with all it's minions at work for it ! ;-D

    Lil Miss is smarter & moreconsiderate ! No seals there :-)

    Looking forward to more of the lovely tatting

  2. Oh my what an event. Hope all's well now. That's a very pretty "kitten" in the box.