Monday, 18 May 2015

Great News!!

Remember these posts??  The Oops and the Apology??

Well, I heard from Maureen on Monday, just before I did my packing....  Her copy of the Ring Of Tatters Newsletter has arrived!!

So.... I can now share this:

Over here in Sunny Tenerife.... Sitting drinking coffee (Yes I know I'm a coffee whatsit!!) tatting in bag and access to wifi and blog!! Howzat for a good way to spend a morning??

Off to enjoy some sun and sandals! 

Chat soon


  1. Pretty bracelet - you have been MOST patient while we both waited for the Slow Boat to come in! I'm looking forward to holiday pictures in due course.

  2. Thanks each. Chillin in cool 23 deg c in Tenerife!!