Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Another one....or two....or three...

.... slither off the shuttles!!

Meet Leif....

Leif is a Book Dragon altered very minutely from Anne Bruvolds Minor Norwegian Dragon!  You can tell he's a Book Dragon from his colour, his name and the very long tail and absence of very many spikes!!

What do you mean you don't understand???  Leif (Leaf), Red (read) and the tail and missing spikes make it very easy for him to look after your page!!! Get it now???  Never mind groaning!!! LOL  As I've just explained, Leif is a book dragon.... designed to mark your page, but don't leave him there too long.... otherwise he may just reduce your book to tatters!!!  (What ?? Another groan did I hear??) VBG   As Anne says in the pattern, he may not be sold, only given away!  If anyone asks for one you must make them give you the thread!  Right, the thread is Red Burst by Lizbeth!!! and it came from Roseground here in the UK!! So now you know!!

Leif is going to his new owner now.... it's her 21st present (Happy 21st Miss!!!) along with this:

This pendant set was almost a full kit from the Ring of Tatters here in the UK.  The pattern, beads and all the findings are supplied, just leaving you to supply your favourite shuttle and thread!!  Her favourite colours are blues, red and silver!!  The blue was an old ball from my stash!!  The Lucky Lady is Young Sir's girlfriend and it's her birthday TODAY!!!

Last Saturday we were down in Bristol!!! For the day!  I was at a meeting whilst Sir had a wander round Bristol Zoo!!  He saw some VERY lazy Ring Tailed Lemurs!!  The keeper said they were lazy because the female is the dominant sex in the group, and they don't have any at the moment to keep the males on their toes!!  Sounds familiar doesn't it?? LOL  We drove over 400 miles on the round trip!! mind you, we did call in to our favourite pub for a meal.... (The Swan at Fradley Junction - it's where the Coventry and Trent & Mersey Canals meet) and saw this while we were sitting outside....

I do love rainbows!! LOL

Right, what else to tell you.... Well, Madame is getting bigger!!  We took her to feed the ducks yesterday (NO We did NOT feed her to the ducks!! VBG)  Couldn't persuade her to throw the bread... and had to take it off her!!!  The duckpond is at Welton, about half hour walk from their house.... and right on the side of the road which is perfect for a Madame who is EXTREMELY nosey and HATES to miss anything!!  Want to see her now she's 7 months old??

Here you go:

Mummy calls her Squish!!! and isn't she just???!! ROTFL

Anyway, I've been away from the shuttles for too long!!! Back to the hat methinks!!

Chat soon

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  1. Great dragon!!! And jewelry set!!!! :) And awesome gift to be sure!! :)
    And what an adorable little one!!!!! :)