Friday, 20 June 2014

That hat...

Came out again last night at class! I haven't touched it since before we went on holiday!! Naughty tatter that I am! Lol. 


Got another motif done on the edge so... Only 4 to go then I'm on the band for the ribbon!

Think I may block tat the ribbon in something variegated! Just because I can!! Vbg it might just mean spending pennies on thread tho.... Rotfl!!

Then of course I'll have to embellish it with a flower or something!!! Dress it up a bit!

Aren't those cupcake earwigs over on Jane's blog just yummy??? I can't wait for the pattern to be available so I can make some to go with the pendant I'll have to make... To tone with the hat of course! Vbg

Anyway... Coffee awaits! Chat soon


  1. You've made HUGE progress on the hat. Well done.

  2. It's looking wonderful!!! :)

  3. Thanks both!! I put the blog post up on my phone as Sir has been 'playing' with my laptop ALL day!! I'll tell you all about it tomorrow!! LOL