Saturday, 21 June 2014


A few weeks ago Sir's computer went into major sulk mode!!  It refused to play ball and do anything!!! This really upset him, as you can imagine!!  He hit the internet and ordered new hard drives etc.... it took until Wednesday for the 'bits' to arrive and in the meantime the machine was in bits all over his bench!

Now the major challenge of all this was that it's a Mac!!  One of the newer flat screen ones where the gubbins are inside the flat screen monitor bit!  We had to lock the cats out of his 'shack' for the whole time!

Thursday evening arrived, and.... while I was at Lace class, Sir decided to 'reassemble' the computer!  This was done quickly.... or at least relatively so.... but.... he'd replaced the cd drive with some other type of drive (a solid one I think)!

No problem.... in order to put the boot software back... use a USB stick!  First challenge.... the computer won't read the usb!  No sign of the backup disks (and anyway, he'd removed the cd drive!!)... So, yesterday morning he 'pinched' MY laptop!!  spent ALL day using the poor little thing as an external drive (and she goes into sulk mode if she's not allowed to play with Mum!!)  After around 11 hours, he's got his working again!!  Did have me 'hunting' for the backup disks all day tho!!  Grrrr!!!

AND, I decided at one point that I'd start another motif on the hat.... joined it in, worked a bit more round the motif.... and thought.... that doesn't look right!!!  Why??  Because the hat was 'outside in' and I'd attached to the wrong bit!!!!  How annoying is that??  Cut off the offending motif and I'm about to start again....

Upside of all this is he's now got all of MY files on his computer INSTEAD of his own!!! ROTFL!!  Today he's spent most of his time backing up all My files on a new external drive!!!  For me!!

So, what have I been doing??  Taking pics of flowers that's what!!  I'll show you a few....

Ranunculus and a lily!!  Had the lily for years, we thought it hadn't recovered after the really bad winter in 2010 when it snowed.... and snowed.... and snowed!!!  This year is the first year it's flowered properly since!!  It's still only tiny, but it's survived!!!

Fish and chips called for methinks!  Sir can pay!!!

Chat soon

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