Saturday, 14 June 2014

As promised....

Yesterday my parcel arrived from Roseground!!  I'd ordered their newest commemorative tatting shuttle... in memory of those who gave so much in WW1!!

This is it:

I got a few other 'bits' as well.... a large shuttle for an 'idea'... but I'm not telling about it yet!!! LOL, a thread cutter that's 'plane friendly', and I'm going to make a lanyard for things like that, my hooks, and the picot gauge!!!  Sometime!! VBG

I also ordered a pair of left handed stork scissors!!!!  Yes folks, in case you didn't already know.... I'm a Left Handed Tatter!!!  LHT's Rock!!! ROTFL!!!

Not a long post today as next doors dogs keep trying to steal our cats food, and their 'visitor' is HUGE!!!  A Very Large black Newfoundland!!

Right, chat later!!


  1. That's a pretty shuttle. I've got one of those plane friendly cutters but have never used it on the plane!!! I do use it lots when out and about as it's in my tatting travel 'kit'.

  2. Which is why I'm considering treating me to 'that' bag.... so I can leave it in the car and it's always with me when I'm out!!! LOL

  3. That is a very sweet and emotional shuttle. I live in Flanders, and I feel there are more poppies that ever. I wonder if our government sowed them for the tourists?
    I admire left handed tatters. How do they learn to tat? It is difficult enough as it is!

    1. I am a left handed tatter and taught myself with a lot of trial, error, swearing and just doing it my way. Its the way we learn to do a lot of things in a right handed world

  4. Lovely shuttle, very special.

  5. I think it's lovely too Jane & Tally Tatty. Poppies grow in profusion where ground is disturbed.... maybe they disturbed it.... As for left handed tatters.... we do it.... Because We Can!!!! LOL