Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Miss me?? and a possible solution....

Ok.... I know I've been back from Tenerife for a few days.... catching up on washing, cutting grass, rescuing drowned seedlings with all the rain.... and not really any time for tatting!!!  In fact, I haven't touched a shuttle since Tuesday! (Horrors!!!)  We got home at 3.30 on Wednesday morning, and were up again at 7.... been catching up on snoozes ever since!!  And going to see MIL etc...., shopping, markets, painting the bench outside.... Nothing much!!! LOL

Back 'teenager and child squishing' this morning.... and also back at school.... you can tell.... Pigmini (my mini) has decided to 'go on strike' again!!!! Grrrr!!!!

Right over on Jane's blog on Saturday, she was saying about people STEALING patterns!  I can quite understand her sentiments.... however, discussing it with Himself, he came up with a suggestion which may just stop peeps in other countries STEALING!!  He suggested something which is given in detail over on Wikipedia...  Resell rights give people in other countries the right to resell a book, photos or whatever.... and the author can ask whatever price they feel is reasonable for the rights....

Now if this were offered to the people who insist on 'displaying' patterns, books or whatever to all and sundry.... then it may just stop them from giving it away.... greed being a major factor.... they could then sell the right to an ebook or somesuch....  They would also not be keen on others in their country 'sharing (stealing)' and would be inclined to contact relevant authorities!!

Whilst the original author does not make as much as they would from 'real' sales, it does make them some money, and may just stop the wholesale stealing that goes on!!!  This is what Wikipedia says:

Most ebooks and pieces of software are sold without any right to pass on the product to other people, but, especially in the field of online or Internetmarketing, some are sold with resell rights or resale rights included. It is necessary to distinguish between normal resell rights and master resell rights.
Not every country has resell rights products in their language; for example, Taiwan did not have resell rights to ebook or products until 2011.
Most resale rights packages do not allow alteration any of content or any change in the information. The conditions and disclaimers should make this clear. To change the content, it is necessary to contact the author and request a partnership or buy the editing rights to the product.

Normal resell rights

Normal resell rights mean that purchase of the item permits onward selling it to other customers. There may be limitations, such as the requirement to the product at a specific price. When a product comes with resell rights it usually permits unrestricted sale of the product with permission to keep 100% of the profit. The product sold under normal resell rights should only include the PUO (Personal Use Only) right, in other words, the resell rights cannot be transferred when this type of product is sold on.[1]

In other words, people (original authors) could 'sell' the rights to THEIR work and it would not be allowed to be copied, wholesale shared, etc....  I think 'Big Al' does this with some of his books on network marketing etc....

Food for thought!!

Anyway, to these 'ere tatty bits....

Whilst we were away, I made a birthday pressie, but I can't share it at the moment.... 1. waiting for a 'bit', and 2, the present isn't going to its new owner just yet.... so you'll just HAVE to wait!!!  The other thing I did was a test tat.... and I ain't allowed to share that either.... not till I have the go ahead to do so anyway!!!  So, you's just going to have to wait and see!!! VBG   So I got nuffin to share with you in the way of tatty pics.... I will say, however, that the bit's I've done do make my 25 challenge up to number 18!!!!  However.... as I can't show them yet.... I won't count them.... yet!!

What did you think to the foot??? Couldn't resist the photo when I saw it in real life!!! LOL  Oh, and I must show you this:

 This is a statue on the way to Los Cristianos, not far from our favourite restaurant, and it was lit up, and I couldn't resist sharing it!!

Also, here are daughter, granddaughter and SIL in their 'wedding finery'!!  They were at a wedding in Devon on the bank holiday weekend!!

And this is one of a number of 'sandcastles' found on the beaches out in Tenerife....

Wonderful isn't it??  It was on the main beach in Los Cristianos!!  You can see part of the town in the background, and the guy still working on it!!  I may share others when I remember who took them and where they're likely to be!!!

Oh well, nuff for now....

Chat soon


  1. Interesting idea re-selling rights BUT I think the thieves will still steal. They won't pay for something they can so easily steal!!

  2. That is interesting, thank you.
    I have the impression that there is a great hunger for tatting patterns.
    And I feel horror for infringement of copyright laws as well as for which hunting.
    This puts me off writing a blog.
    Or maybe I needed this warning to be able to write a blog correctly.