Monday, 23 June 2014

It's the Wrong....

Yesterday we were out for lunch with Mummy, Daddy, Madame and Mother in Law.... went to one of our favourite pubs for lunch.... steak pie with all the trimmings!!  Always too much food on the plate, so I managed the veg and the meat out of the pie!!

Madame enjoyed hers too.... bits of carrot, shredded meat, potato with gravy.... she doesn't seem fond of peas tho!!  Then we retired to the garden outside because there was a singer in and his jokes were, to say the least, awful!!!  Anyway, there we were sitting outside.... and Madame just did NOT see why she should wear a sunhat!!

This is where it ended up:


I've managed to do another 2 motifs on the hat, but there's no pic today.... will see if I can finish the last 2 of the round tonight and then I'll have something to show you!!!  I'd have finished them last night, but I ended up cat sitting.... my 3 legged cat curled up on my knee and demanded scratches!!!  He'd been missing for 24 hours and there was a fox/cat fight on the field the night before!!!  He's bruised either his leg or his back and doesn't want to move too far or too fast at the moment!!  Mind you he's sleeping in the sun just now!

Anyway, while he's dozing I may JUST do a little shuttling.... VBG

Chat later

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