Wednesday, 18 June 2014

That's BIG!!

Well I think so!!

Remember I said I'd got a big shuttle??  Just look at the size of it in comparison to a 'normal' one....

Think I'll be able to tat rope with that!!! ROTFL  You'll have to wait and see what I intend doing with it tho!!!!

A good friend of mine left her job yesterday.  She starts a new one next week.  Nothing unusual in this, people do it all the time.... however, usually there's a collection arranged for them and there's usually a small presentation and people wishing them all the best in their new job isn't there??

Not in this case!!  They did absolutely nothing!!  and nobody said anything to her!!!  She's feeling rather 'upset' as you can imagine!  Even the boss.... who knew exactly what was happening and when.... didn't say 'Good Luck'!  How rotten is that??  Think we'll have a coffee n 'b...h' session later!! See if I can cheer her up!!

Took Madame for a walk yesterday... she'd been in the pram for less than 5 minutes when she fell asleep for the hour it took to 'walk the circuit'!!  I left Sir pushing the pram and went to school... they joined me at the crossing point later... and she'd just woken up!!  We were given a little swimming costume for her from one of the Mums.... for next summer!!  Madame and Mummy love swimming so I'm sure it will get lots of use!!  Looking forward to the 'significant' birthday in July, as we're all going away for the weekend to Sherwood Forest!  Going to see if I can find Robin in the Hood.... might just join his 'band of merry men' for the weekend!! LOL  If not, then I can always go swimming with Madame!!! VBG

Nothing on the tat front to share.... been doing 'elements' for that bracelet, and re-designing something that I'll show you when its finished!!  Last Friday we went to see a production of 'The Mikado', and went to the pub afterwards, ended up in the same pub on Saturday, and the shuttles were in my hand.... I got asked a few times what it was!!  Spent most of the evening chatting about 'tying holes together with thread' (Sir's version of what it is!!)!!  If it encourages people to have a go then I don't mind at all!!

Chat later, coffee awaits!!

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