Friday, 8 August 2014

Dunned It!!!

Actually managed a split chain!!!! Pic to prove it!!

I've only been shying away for years!!! It's been raining here so I decided to 'ave a go!! Proud of me liccle self ise is!!! Rofl!

Young Sir is at a festival this weekend in Derbyshire.... A Heavy Metal Festival!! We sent him off with comments about 'not pushing ageing rockers out of the way'....  He did that a few years ago.... The One and Only... Alice Cooper!!! We're not letting him live it down!! Lol!!

I'm about to wind some hwt onto shuttles coz I've had an idea... If it works I'll show you!!

Btw, this is the windmill again in 40 thread... It's also part of my idea!!

Think one of its sails suffered a bit in a storm tho!! Vbg

Chat soon


  1. I wish i had the courage to try split chains! Bravo, well done! I suppose we learn everything at the right moment.

    1. Tally Tatty.... there's a series of photos over on Jon Yusoffs blog to show you what to do....