Friday, 1 August 2014

It's Yorkshire Day

Have a Great Yorkshire Day to anyone from Yorkshire! I made a Yorkshire Rose for Yorkshire Day!! Well to be more precise... It's an East Yorkshire Rose because that's where we live!! It's my design and its only taken me about 4 or 5 months to get it right!! Lol. Eeh, it wor 'ard work it wor'!!

Now I suppose I'd better sort out the pattern so I can read it!! Lol. It could take a while because I'll have to work out what I did!! Didn't think to take notes!! Crazy Yorkshire OG that I am! Told you my BC3 had 'done a bunk'!  Just discovered summat funny.... you 'as to wait till after 8am to publish a post for it to actually show on the right day!!  And doan't save it as a draft.... cos it posts as the day you saved it!!! Crackers or what????  I mean.... if you wrote it 6 days ago, do you want it publishing 6 days ago?? VBG

Now, I've been set another challenge... and it involves a frame for a bangle... so if you see BC3 please send her home but don't tell her I gotta design for her to think about... She'll never come back if you do!!!  She'd better return today as we're going camping tomorrow till Tuesday.... Sir and his mate are walking in a wiggly line on Sunday & Monday and yours truly has been designated as 'ferry-woman'! (Well.... Sheepses don't walk in straight lines on hillsides do they?? Vbg) and the moggsies is being fed by Young Sirs girlfriend!!

What do you mean... "Are the shuttles coming along?"  As if they'd get left behind... and have to go begging on the street for food! There are times I wish I could draw... Shuttles with arms n legs and a begging bowl for scraps... You see it too?? Good!! Means I'm not the only bonkers tatty person out there!  Note to self... Don't forget the to pack the thread scraps to feed the shuttles with!! Rofl

Chat later!


  1. Eee lass tat's a lovely rose that thou hast made! It wor' well worth the effort! Happy Yorkshire tatting on this Yorkshire Day to all too! I wor' born up in Richmond.

  2. Thanks for the praise all!! Sir says you must stop tho.... says my head won't fit in the car if you don't!! LOL

    Anne, pleased you liked it in 'proper yorkshire' like wot I unnerstand!! I'll be in Richmond on Monday cos that's where Sir & mate are finishing their walking stint!! Keld to Richmond via a stopovver in Reeth!! And all I 'ave to do is drive the car an' cook an' tat!! Eeh, innit wunnerful!! VBG

  3. It looks as though sir and mate are having "the life of Riley" just strolling around God's own county, and ours too. You're having to do all the driving and cooking too!! Many moons ago we spent some lovely days whilst staying in Reeth.

  4. Such a beautiful rose ! I would love to make it ... & will wait for your pattern :-)
    Simply Gorgeous :-)))

  5. Thanks muskaan! Says she sitting with a scone & coffee outside a cafe in Hawes.