Monday, 25 August 2014

Meet Hagua

Now some of you will remember that a couple of weeks ago I put up a pic of Hagua and promised to share her story....

Hagua is a 'seahorse' dragon... Or at least she would be if she lived in salt water!! She doesn't! You see she lives in peaty water like the water in the Lake District or in Scotland! That's why she is the colour that she is.... Purple heather, oranges of autumn grasses and green of bushes all help her to 'not be caught' by dragon hunters!!  It means she can hide in plain sight!  However on this picture she was drying herself on my knee up on the Wainstones in North Yorkshire yesterday and waiting for her tatty bits to be trimmed!!!

You mean you want me to show you??? Ok, ok... Impatient peeps!!

The view from the top of the Wainstones!  This is what we were waiting for....

Sir to finish his 12 1/2 miles over heather!!

Oh... You want to see Hagua!!! Well why didn't you say so!!! Rofl

How did she get her name?? Simple really... You see 'up 'ere in t' north we Re always being told we drop an 'H' or two... Hagua found one.... Get it now???

Ok.... Agua?? Water??? Ahhhh.... Now you understand!! Vbg 

Anyway, if you see one lurking in a pool near you... Do let me know!!

Chat soon


  1. Sigh....... Hagua is very sweet drying off on your knee, but Sir looks in need of a beer.

    1. He got two as soon as we got to a pub Maureen!! He also got a roast dinner!!

  2. That is an awesome seahorse dragon!!! :)