Monday, 11 August 2014


It's official.... I'm hooked on these earwigs!!! LOL

I think this is the 9th pair of these earwigs that I've made over the last year or so... Not all of them for me I might add!  Some of them have gone to other homes!!  However it's a pattern that I know off by heart and so don't need the writted destructions!!  Hopeless at following writted destructions anyway!! VBG  Keeps getting lost I does!!  You want the pattern??? Ok... it's a single motif from here!  This makes number 23 of my 25 Challenge!!!  That's in around 8 months!!!

Suppose you want to see the earwigs??  Ok, ok, ok.... there's no need to squeal 'of course'!!!!  I heard you!!! Rofl

They've been made cos it dawned on me that on Friday this week, I've the funeral of my great school friend Sue.... got the black trousers, got the white shirt.... but no earwigs!!  So I made them!!  Despatch earwigs, that's what they are!! VBG  You don't know what I mean??  Well, up 'ere in Yorkshire we doan't say Births, Marriages and Deaths.... we say.... Hatches, Matches and Despatches!!!!  Got it now??  Sounds a whole lot nicer than the first way of saying it doesn't it??? LOL

Now I'm having a 'what if' moment.... (stealed from a blog hopping session over the weekend, where somebody asked 'what if....' but I can't remember who!!).... what if I putted beads on ALL the picots.... now, do I have any thread that hasn't been made up into these earwigs yet... and do I have any beads what would 'tone'.....

Walks away muttering strange and incoherent things about shuttles, beads and thread....

Chat soon!!


  1. Nice earrings. Beads are a nice touch. Love the saying "Hatches, Matches and Despatches.". Going to have to remember that!

  2. I spend most of my time taking the 'despatch' services, and yes we use those words in this part of the UK too. I really like that diamond pattern but do still need to read the instructions as I go along, and yes it looks really good as earwigs.

  3. Thanks Sally!! I think they do... and one day I'll try tatting it in a different thickness.... just to see what it's like!! LOL