Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Nutty!! T'at's Me!!!

Thought I'd remind you about these two stories elsewhere on the blog.... just in case you'd forgotted that I'se completely bonkers!!

It acts as an introduction to this:

my 'newest' addition to the Dragon Clan!!!  And don't forget that all my dragons are variations of Scottish/Norwegian Loch Dragons.... or rather, they all live together!!  ROFL

This will be Hagua.... when she is finished.... and I'll tell you her story when she is!!

Does anyone else out in Tatland 'name' their tatty bits?? I do!!

A couple of months ago I made a dragon bookmark for my sons girlfriend.... here's his story, and the story of the first one I made....

Now about this Scottish/Norwegian Loch Dragon called McVroom.... he realised it was about to rain and Loch Dragons LOVE water!!  However, they are different to the Water Dragon because they also love Mountains and high hills!!  You can also see them occasionally in the Lake District in the UK....That's why they are the colour that they are!!

I'm not sure what colour McVroom will go in the Summer or if there's snow on the ground.... we'll just have to watch and find out!!  Anyway, as we have a thunderstorm he went and sat on the windowsill watching it start so he could go for a good long wet flight!!  So I got a picture of him!!!

The reason that McVroom likes flying when it's raining and blowing and generally 'orrible outside is that they aren't noticed by people!!  People scurry along with their heads down and umbrellas up in the rain.... they aren't looking out for dragons!!  This is good for Dragons as they are very shy and don't like to admit that they are around!!  It's possibly why not an awful lot is known about Minor Norwegian Dragons of which McVroom is a Scottish Descendant!!  Also they are VERY rare so you're lucky if you have one!! LOL  Now you know about them.... you'll have to keep a watch out.... see if you can see one!!  I forgot to mention.... he's a devil for lying on his back with his tummy exposed!!!!  Thinks it makes him more camouflaged!!!  As I mentioned before he does have a claim to fame in that he features in the books by Terry Pratchett about the Nac Mac Feegles where they think the's a big bird.... also he appeared in 'disguise' as Norbert in the Harry Potter films!!  So there you go!!

Leif is a Book Dragon altered very minutely from Anne Bruvolds Minor Norwegian Dragon!  You can tell he's a Book Dragon from his colour, his name and the very long tail and absence of very many spikes!!

What do you mean you don't understand???  Leif (Leaf), Red (read) and the tail and missing spikes make it very easy for him to look after your page!!! Get it now???  Never mind groaning!!! LOL  As I've just explained, Leif is a book dragon.... designed to mark your page, but don't leave him there too long.... otherwise he may just reduce your book to tatters!!!  (What ?? Another groan did I hear??) VBG   As Anne says in the pattern, he may not be sold, only given away!  If anyone asks for one you must make them give you the thread!  Right, the thread is Red Burst by Lizbeth!!! and it came from Roseground here in the UK!! So now you know!!

I'm certain this means I'm nuts about tatting.... or am I just nuts???  Maybe I oughter do a squirrel dragon the next time!!! ROTFL

Chat soon


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    1. Thanks Gods Kid!!! I do love those dragons!! I'm considering making 'one in every colour' like I intend doing with the Diamond Earwigs!!

  2. Your red dragon is great, i want to tat him in green. Ps no tatter can live without a dragon!!