Wednesday, 6 August 2014

I've 'ad a thunk'!!

Ok, Ok, Ok.... I know you're all trying desperately to work out what it says.... LOL

I mean.... I've been thinking.... trying to remember the poetry whatsit that 'Mummy' learned when she was at school....

"Boing, Boing, Squeak"
"Boing, Boing, Squeak"
"A bouncing mouse lives in my house, it's been there for a week"
"Boing, Boing, Squeak"!

I was put in mind of it with all this chat we've all been having about windmills and mouses!!!  (Well, we were last week!!)   And before you say that more than one mouse is mice.... well, why then don't we say 'hice' instead of houses?? ROFL  Remember that there cartoon?  The one where the saying goes.... 'I love those meeces to pieces'???  Wasn't it Jinxy about Pixie & Dixie??

Oh, I'se full of wit today I'se is!! VBG  It's cos I've spent the last 4 days playing at driving the car and telling teenagers off!!! (whole other story, that....)

Anyway, here's  a Morgan Mouse just to prove I don't have anything agin 'em.... not that I could with 3 cats in the house!!  Got up the other morning (just before we went away....) to find 4 of them laid out on the doorstep as presents!!  All in bits!!! Wonderful!! Thanks Mogs!!  Anyway, Morgan Mouse is my version!! I say my version because.... I've been a naughty Pigmini & missed a ring & chain at the bottom so her tail is skewwhiff!!!!  Morgana is being made on a button cos I hasn't got any of them there oojawhatsits!!   Well I have, but BC3 ain't returned from her holiday yet, and I don't know where she put them!!

Chat later!!


  1. Nice of the cats to share their spoils!
    Lovely tatting - I have this pattern in my stash and think I should tat it up one day!

  2. Very nice tats. I need one of those 60 years young pins this year. I believe it was "I HATE those meeses to peeces." And maybe Tom and Jerry?? I'm not sure who the cartoon was, but I'm sure he hated them as he couldn't catch them. he he. Sorry you got scorched in a tender place. Not much sympathy from the other half I see. Hump. When the fellas get hurt you'd think the world had come to an end.

  3. Lol Batty Tatter! Men are just babies really! Rofl!!