Thursday, 7 August 2014

That mouse

I know what a nosey lot we all are... and I hope the mouse behaves herself on here:

It's my mobile phone case!!

A little sad today, just heard that a good school friend passed away quite unexpectedly on Tuesday! We'd known each other from primary school! RIP Sue me 'old' friend! Enjoy riding Cherry n Cilla again!!!

Chat later


  1. Wow, 60? That's the new 'teenage' nowadays. Sad news.

  2. Well Miss... I'm the teenager and the mouse is... Ancient!!! Lol

  3. Happy Birthday - 60 is nothing I agree with Jane, well I have too.
    Hope you had a great day, although the news of your friend must have put a damper on it.

  4. Thanks Sally! The Teenage Day was back in July, my crazy Dutch friend gave me the badge and I wore it All Day on July 13th! I refuse to part with it and so it lives on my phone case .... That way I may just get a few red wines bought!!! Vbg

  5. Happy birthday a few days late! Love Morgana's new home, to go with you many places. She looks good with the button.

    1. Thanks Tattridy!! Nothing wrong with 4 weeks late either!!! It'll take me ALL year to celebrate anyway!!! LOL Morgana is settling in quite nicely, and promises not to 'sink her whiskers' into me phone!! LOL