Thursday, 25 September 2014


Red ones!!! LOL

This is the 'snowflake' I was talking about yesterday....

Red Bubbles!!

Couldn't resist the title of that.... it just reminded me of bubbles when I was doing it!!  The pattern once again, was from the 24 snowflakes!  The thread is Cebelia 20

Well, this morning we had a 'bit of a shenanigan' on the crossing!  The house near where I stand had an ambulance parked near it.... and when they decided to take the patient into hospital, they had to pull right up to the crossing!  I ended up 'helping' traffic for a short while.  At least all the kids were in school by then and parents are capable of 'crossing' themselves!!

Right.... Now I NEED coffee!!!

Chat soon


  1. Love your bubbles and a very apt name too. So, are you now a trainee police person?

    1. No Jane... But I can stop traffic when in uniform!!

  2. Lovely ! Lots of split rings, I imagine ?
    Perfectly named :-)

  3. I have one this snowflake and boy it is confusing, well done!