Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Commission and 'Watch out for Low Flying Trees'!!

Well did you miss me??? Been quiet haven't I??? Bet you hoped it would stay that way!! Lol

Kids are back at school today.... well, most of them!! and all the littlies are crossing!!  I've also been cuggling Li'l Miss this afternoon!  Well, she wouldn't cuggle me so I did the cuggling!! VBG  She's now 10 months old!!  Where did that time go?? (and the first person to say it's getting old that does it gets crossed off me friends list!!!)  One of the Mums is getting sent the link for this, as we got chattin' this mornin' when she were eating cob nuts!!  an she's decided we're as bonkers as each other!!  So, as we're the sane ones.... I don't hold out much hope for the rest of you!!! VBG  Hiya Caroline!!!

So, it's September.... season of mists and mellow fruitfulness... or something.... Got that wrong didn't they??!!  No plums on MIL's tree, no beans came up in the garden, flippin' caterpillars et the caulis before we could, soft fruit no where near what it was last year!!  Mind you, the squash did come through so we've had a few and there are some pumpkins as well....

Onnyhow... what've I gotta tell you.... Well, I've decided August should've been torn off me calendar and thrown away!!

Apart from Sir and his mate 'walking' and using me as car support, and all it's 'added blister' factor, and my car deciding that that 'nice man at the garage' should look after her for a month!!! ...  last Friday a tree branch decided to commit kamikaze in front of the car... And this was the result!!

So now Sir's car is 'off the road' too!!!  Mind you, once the tax disc has arrived in me hot sticky little mitts, I'se off to retrieve Pigmini from her month long holiday!!!  She'd better be warned.... she's not in me good books at the moment!!  (Don't tell her I said that.... otherwise she'll sulk and refuse to come home!! VBG)

On a better note....

On Thursday night I gotta commission!! These:

Yes I know there's only one here... The other one is finished too!! And it makes my 25 in 8 1/2 months!!!! Got there!!  Rofl

Must tell you... While looking for something else... I found these masquerading as socks!!

Now do they look like socks to you??? Rofl!!  I know the top one was a Chris Parsons one cos I got its partner as a lace bobbin!!

Bought them last year almost a year ago!!! Pleased I've found them!!

Right, gonna post this before I forget what I did with anything!!

Chat later


  1. Wonderful sock drawer you must have! That tree branch could have damaged more than the car, so I would say Sir has had a lucky escape! And lastly.....cob nuts???

  2. Sock drawers in our house collect lots more than socks Maureen!! Fluff, old hankies, coins, ties, bits of jewellery.... You know the sort of drawer!! Cob nuts are young hazelnuts or filberts.... look at this link:http://britishfood.about.com/od/glossary/g/Cobnuts-What-Are-Cobnuts.htm

  3. Truly wonderful diamond!!! :)
    Um....as for those strange socks, I think they wouldn't keep my feet warm at all!! :)