Wednesday, 24 September 2014

It's Autumn and....

.... a few days ago someone said it was only 3 months to Christmas!!  Now that IS scary!!!

I loves the leaves falling and crunching under me feet (unless they're wet leaves that is.... I doesn't like wet leaves!  Why?? Because you can 'slip' on 'em and then you end up with bruises on your ....!!

So, over the last few days I've been 'gearing up' for the round of Christmas swaps!!  You know, those things that you say you'll do because it seemed like a good idea at the time.... LOL  Anyhow, I decided that that book what I got last year (I think) or earlier this year, could be put to good use.... What do you mean I didn't tell you??  Oh Yes I did!!!  The 24 snowflakes one!!!!

Also, not wanting to 'admit' that the weather will be turning cold and wintry over the coming weeks & months... I decided that snowflakes need to be made to remind you that warmer weather is on it's way... eventually!!

So.... First up is.....

Ice Cream Snowflake!!!  

Summer sky, and neapolitan icecream colours!!! VBG  Now that should make you all feel warmer!! I'm also doing a red snowflake.... but don't ask me what I've done with it at the moment.... cos it's been 'borrowed' by the Borrowers!!  Please tell me you've either read the book or seen the film of Pod and Araminty!!  They have a multitude of uses for household items and I KNOW they live under the floor in our house!!

Anyway, coffee methinks....

Chat soon


  1. I'm well acquainted with the Borrowers - and thanks to a Danish tatting friend, also with the mischievous pixies who live in attics. We can't win, we are beset on all fronts, aren't we? - and I seem to be losing SO many things.