Friday, 19 September 2014

There's A....

.... Triffid in the middle of my garden!!!

What?? You don't believe me??  Well there is!!!  It's masquerading as a multi headed sunflower!!!  3 years ago when Mummy got married, they gave all the guests sunflower seeds to grow in their gardens... each year we've saved seeds and they are the 'babies' of the original seeds!!  Want to see?

See!!!  It's a VERY dull day today tho...

This is another 'baby' dropped by one of the birds... not as huge as the Triffid tho...

Busy at the moment with pear and apple jam.... our pears do NOT keep!!  We've given some away, they're only small and perfect for.... Li'l Miss:

She also loves balloons!! 

So.... no tatting for me just now (Boo....) And I've got this wonderful idea in me 'ead wot won't go away (you watch, it'll disappear just as I've time to 'ave a go'!!

Got the cars back, but somehow we've managed to 'do a swap', he's got mine and I've got his!!!  

Oh, we've also got pumpkins!!!  Baked one the other day.... they're only small but there was still enough to do 2 batches of muffins, a savoury pie and a crumble with leeks, cheese & chicken!

Ooh.... before I forget.... a couple of weeks ago when I got my mini back, we drove to Bristol!!  On the way back, we called in at a service area near Gloucester on M5.... Wonderful!!! The place was set up in conjunction with Westmoreland Farm Services on M6... a LOT further north!!  Here's the outside... Well worth a visit if you're in the area!!!  ('Scuse the finger....)  I may share the rest of the story with you tomorrow....

Busy, busy.... back to the jam....

Chat soon!


  1. Sunflower seeds always remind me of my mother! - she used to eat them. Lovely pictures.

    1. We like them baked in bread Maureen!! I get told off for knocking them off the top so I can eat them!! Lol

  2. Sunflowers and pumpkins, love seeing them both. What a good idea giving out sunflower seeds at a wedding and seeing them grow every year.

    1. We thought so too Sally! We save seeds from last year to plant! This years is by far the tallest tho!