Thursday, 4 September 2014

Just 'Eard....

Ok.... being the devoted housewife that I'm not.... I've just been watching a VERY old episode of 'Last Of The Summer Wine'!!

The conversation went something like this:

"We may have already died to get here"
"You mean this could be heaven?"
"Well it might be t'other place...."
" Not possible!!"
"Why not?"
"In Yorkshire??  It'd be further south wouldn't it??"

Right, that should have sorted out a few ageing undergarments (or at least it will if Jane E is reading blogs!!)  So, what else have I got to tell you....

Well.... still waiting for my tax disc to get that Pigmini back where she belongs!!  And, still waiting to hear that Sir's car can go in to be mended!!  So... I'se on Shanks's Pony I'se is!!  What do you mean you've never heard of Shanks's Pony!!  Really??? Well I never did.....!!  Ok, ok, I'll tell you!!  It's slang for your legs!!  In other words I'm walking!!  3 hours a day for 1 hours pay!! Crazy or what??  It takes around 20 minutes to walk to where I 'work'.... but there's a railway line in between, and the gates can stay closed for 10 minutes!!! So I have to set off in time to allow for that, being as how I usually get caught by them!!

We're back at lace class tonight.... if the dratted disc don't arrive today, or I can't get me mitts on Pigmini, then my Crazy Dutch Friends hubby and lace bobbin maker will take us instead!!  Isn't he good??  I'll be taking the Commission, and me shuttles with me, however I've also gotta send out the newsletter (which is at Teach's house) because of aforementioned cars!!  Had to persuade Teach to go get them for me (Thanks Miss!!!!)  (See, I KNOW she reads me blog....)

No pics today!!

Chat soon


  1. As long as it doesn't rain, of course - walking would not be fun then. Aren't cars awful? - they need so much upkeep, especially when they are as old as ours, and yet we can't do without them. Not in Australia, anyway! I walk a mile every day, I am supposed to walk 4 miles, according to the doctor - but that is never going to happen. I'm VERY disciplined though, about My Mile.

  2. Our old doctor used to say 20 min 3 times a week to make you out of breath. It's a mile each way for me so that's 4 a day!