Monday, 22 September 2014

She's Back!!!!

Now I'll let you decide whether I mean Jane E, who has returned home after being at Palmetto and now sporting a grand pair of silly slippers..... or do I mean Pigmini???

Well, as you are aware.... that naughty Pigmini has a 'thing' about those nice young men in the garage!! So much so that she decided to let them work on her brakes, lights, service, MOT..... she's been there over a month!!!  Anyway, I was told at the end of August, that she now has an MOT, been serviced, had her brakes and lights sorted.... AND, she needed to come home after that 'low flying' tree branch decided to leap in front of Sirs car!!!  Did she come home straight away??  No!! she decided she just HAD to wait for a new tax disc before she would deign to arrive here!!  That took a week to arrive!!

Right, I promised to share last Friday.... and, as you've probably worked out now I'm talking about Pigmini actually returning to where she lives!!  She arrived on a Friday evening at the beginning of September, and in order to get my own back on her waywardness.... I MADE her drive to Bristol for the day on the Saturday!!!  Over 400 miles!! That'll teach her to behave herself in the future!! LOL  While I was chatting about tatting with others from the Ring Of Tatters... she went for a little drive with Sir to let him take a walk along the Monarch Way.... along the River Avon!  No he didn't do all of it!! VBG.... but he did tell me that the buffet at the station made superb coffee n cake!!   We did let her have a bit of a rest while we had coffee at the new Gloucester Service Area on M5 (remember.... I 'shared' pics with you the other day), and again when we stopped for a meal at Fradley Junction.... I think she enjoys there because she can sit facing the canal and watch the narrowboats!!

While we were at the Service Area we got chatting with a couple, and, as you do, I mentioned tatting!! Now the reaction from most people is 'What's that??' but not this time!!  Turns out they know Brenda who used to be on the committee of the Ring Of Tatters a few years ago!!  Hows that for a small world??

So, whilst we were driving.... or rather Sir was driving.... I sat tatting!! (No surprise there then!!)  I made the first one of yet another pair of earwigs (it's 'THAT' pattern again!!)  I'm not showing you tho.... What?? you mean you really WANT to see the same pattern??  Ok, Ok, Ok, I get the message.... nosey lot!! VBG

Here you go:

Must get the other earwig done!!  And I want to start Umi & Tsuru's 'challenge', and there's the Hat to finish, and....I'm also test tatting, but I'm NOT showing you that!!!!  NO!!!!  You will just have to wait!!!  UFTB's!!!!  (Of course you know what I mean.... Un Finished Tatty Bits!!!) ROFL

Spent yesterday visiting.... made Sir take HIS car for a long run up to Bridlington!!  He went walking (again) with his mate John, and they got LOST!!!!  They say thank heaven for mobile phones and 'satnavs'!! LOL  They dropped me off at the home of an old school friend, and we spent the WHOLE day chatting, sharing memories, taking her dog for a walk.... you know the sort of thing!  Also met her hubby and her daughter and the dog, rabbits, hamsters, and gerbils for the first time!  Didn't get home till gone 11pm!  Did a WHOLE motif on my long term hanky edge.... from AGES ago!!!  All of 5 minutes tatting!!

I'm also busy.... still making pear jam, although the pears are rotting faster than I can use them! Li'l Miss isn't eating them fast enough!! VBG  School and school kid squishing this morning.... getting them out of bed sometimes is a nightmare!!  You know what kids are like.... particularly teenage and almost teenage ones!! LOL  Also Li'l Miss decided last night that she would NOT sleep!!  Mummy had a VERY late night with her!!

Right, coffee and then use some of they there pears in muffins for lunch (american style muffins, not english ones)... and then back to the jam!!

Chat soon


  1. Ah, keep up, Pigmini - the slippers are 'somewhere in America' as I've passed them on to ......?
    Glad to be back - NOT. Wish I was still there along with the brain which is suffering from jet lag!! That's my excuse!!!

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