Tuesday, 30 September 2014

What a Weekend!!!

Morning All

Miss me???  It seems ages since I last posted!!  We had our local Annual Lace Day on Saturday.... I collected my crazy Dutch Friend from her house in the morning.... after I'd spent almost half an hour waiting for a van to move out of the narrowest part of our entrance!!!  Trying to track down the driver was silly.... 8 cottages only down here and I'm the furthest from the road.  The track between numbers 4 and 5 is just wide enough to get a single car or small van through.... so where does the bed delivery van park??  Yes!! Just there!!!  When I eventually tracked him down.... he was 'far too busy' to move!! So.... after mutterings about legalities and access n egress.... I eventually got out!!

We got to the Lace Day, and I went into the kitchen (committee members work at lace days - drinks, cakes, keep suppliers watered, raffle stands, entrance, look after speakers, help to man stalls....) my job is the kitchen!!  Went into my bag to get my purse out.... not there!!! Panic!!!!  I remembered where it was.... in my shopping bag at home!!

Said friend was a good 'un.... she went to the bank for me and lent me some pennies!!

We went out for a meal in the evening, me, Sir and Young Sir!!  They'd been at a Radio Rally all day (we're all Radio 'Hams').

So, on Sunday, I went to friends house to return the pennies.... out of debt to friends again!!

Yesterday I went to school in the morning, to find that there were roadworks right on the crossing!!  I'm having to wait for the stop go boards to stop traffic both ways, and the traffic to clear before I can cross kids!!!  The challenge was, the traffic kept slowing down for me!!  Hey ho!! Fun had by all!!

So.... I've got no new tatty bits to show you today (Big Sad Face).... mind you, I've got a happy smiley face on as well when I tell you that Li'l Miss came with Mummy yesterday for a flying visit.... she looked at me and said..... "Annmarrr"

Chat later

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