Thursday, 16 October 2014

That's That....

... round done!!!

What do you mean you don't remember what I'm talking about??  It's the African Sky Doiley!!!  Do you want to look??

It's still looking folded and frilly, but I've made a start on the next round!!  So far it looks as though it may just 'straighten' out again!!  Did some more this morning whilst teen and tweenager squishing!!

I must remember to take a needle with me tonight to class and get those ends sewn in!!  LOL  I hate ends!!!! (or is it beginnings.....  no definitely ends... beginnings get sewn in as you go!!)  Must cut the beginnings off as well, and joins!!  Eeh.... lots of 'ends or begins or joins'!!!

Spent last night at my friends house as well!!  She was working late and needed someone to feed and check on the kids and dogs and cats.... same friend as above!!  Get some tatting done while I'm there tho!!! VBG

Right, off to make coffee!!

Chat later

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