Sunday, 5 October 2014

Guess what....

A little bird told me that it's a certain Jane  E's birthday today!!! But she hasn't got to worry.... I shot it!!!! Rofl!!

Happy Birthday Jane!!

Now remember that Halloween Earwig I showed you the other day.... well, I finished the other one!!!  so, posting a pic of almost a pair!!

They do look better in daylight!!  I say 'almost a pair' becausse when I tried to put the wire on... it broke!!! How annoying is that???  It'll have to wait till next week to be completed now!!!! Grrrr!!!!

I finally managed to finish the first round of Jane M's African Sky doiley last night... Quite pleased with the result.... After heaven only knows how many tries!!!! 

Now to wind some more yellow and some blue on the shuttles.... do the second round.... unless I do something different instead!!

Chat later


  1. These earrings look pretty! Fix that one quickly!! Good luck with the African sky!

  2. Lovely earrings, is there a stone inside? I like these interlocking rings, the flower is pretty and has a clever construction, isn't it? Your is perfect. Beautiful!

  3. Yes there is a 'flattish' bead inside. The pattern should be in print via the Ring Of Tatters soon! I'm still not too convinced on the colours but maybe its because I'm not a 'green' person. Pleased you both like them tho!

  4. Love your sun and your rings are very nice. I hope soon that I can master the interlocking rings. I am now on my third try and also using the same yellow.